The idea of “Swifty Dialogues” was first thought of by Ariel & Rob. They wanted a project that encapsulates their love of comedy, but also felt the need to exercise their skills in design, music, production, and animation. After some time, Sinda joined the team as our web developer and fellow host. Now, as a full team, they are bringing you episodic content with animated ones coming in the future.


Host & Musician

As our resident multi-instrumentalist, Robert “Rob” Allen Stewart creates all of our original music. He also helps the team by using his audio-editing skills to make sure our, otherwise unpleasant voices, sound some-what palatable. His likes include: playing the guitar, guitars playing with him, and on occasion, guitar-on-guitar action.


Host & Art Director

The graphic designer of the group; Ariel is always looking for a project to exercise his design skills. As Art Director, he is in charge of branding, illustrations, social media, and animation. Aside from tripping on his own words, his likes include: video games, cartoons/anime, and absurdist humor.


Host & Web Developer

As a professional giggler, you ‘ll find Sinda laughing throughout our episodes. Don’t let that fool you though, he is a great co-host that brings his unique voice and perspective to our mundane subjects. His likes include: 60’s/70’s rock music, web development, and science.